Creating and using Yahoo! XML Sitemap files

Generating sitemap files for Yahoo! is easy with the GSiteCrawler.

If you do not yet have a sitemap file, use the steps in the GSiteCrawler tour to generate and upload one. If you have already generated your Google sitemap file, you're already set - no need to create anything additional.

In order to submit your sitemap file to Yahoo!, you'll need to do the following:

  1. Go to
  2. In the box for "My Sites", enter your site's main URL and click on "Add my site".
  3. Sign in to your Yahoo account (or create one)
  4. Click on "Authenticate" in your site's listing in order to authenticate your administrative access for the site.
  5. If you have the GSiteCrawler configured for FTP access, you can use it to authenticate for you (otherwise you'll need to create the file manually):
    • In the GSiteCrawler, go to the settings tab and select the FTP tab; click on "Make and upload Yahoo verification file".
    • Copy and paste the required file name, then copy and paste the required content into the message boxes.
    • The GSiteCrawler will then automatically create the authentication file on your server. Please note that this file is tied to your Yahoo!-Account and cannot be used by anyone else.
  6. Click on "Ready to authenticate" when you have uploaded the file - Yahoo will verify this within the next day or so.
  7. Click on "Manage" next to your site in order to add a feed.
  8. Enter the URL of your sitemap file and click "Add feed".
  9. Yahoo! will now display your feed's URL along with it's status (which will change as soon as it processes it).
  10. Done!

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