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Note: this project has been completely handed over to SOFTplus Entwicklungen GmbH. The following text describes the original author, John Mueller.

I'm a German who's currently living in Switzerland (and have spent about 10 years in the USA). I studied mechanical engineering, software engineering and robots in Zuerich but decided to open up my own software-company (SOFTplus Entwicklungen GmbH) instead of working for someone else. We're currently a small shop of 5 people, mainly making, selling, and supporting administative software solutions for swiss physical therapists (and related medical professionals). On the side I like to do all sorts of web sites for friends, alot of web-server-programming, etc. I had someone redo our website a couple of years ago and just noticed this spring that we completely droped out of the search engines, a terrible mess in the code on the pages. I managed to get some of it cleaned up, got ourselves back in the ratings and during my research I noticed the Google Sitemaps.

Since there was nothing available for Windows (at the time, a couple weeks after Sitemaps came out), I started on my own program, just for fun (for me) at the time. Just about the same time as I was getting done, all the other programs came out as well (oh well...). In the meantime it has been downloaded close to 90'000 times (Jan 2006).

I've been able to take close looks at lots of sites, many of them in a really bad shape (alot worse than yours were), so I've been helping clean those up, when the owners are friendly enough :-). It's like solving a riddle, you know some tricks and try to figure out where to use them.

I have alot of things planned for the program, my list keeps growing instead of getting smaller, but I think I need to draw a line on more features being added. It's hard to keep it "simple enough" when you have so many possibilities, so it will end up having a modular structure, i.e. letting the user decide which blocks he wants to use in the program and what they should offer (possibly even letting other people / companies make additional blocks - I can't cover everything myself :-)).

Things like the general Search-Engine-Optimization are possibilities, general website-status reports, validation, server-status, etc. could all be done - based on the existing program structure (with the crawlers, URL lists, etc.). If there is something that people are really looking for, I'm sure I can try to push that so it can be added earlier.

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