GSiteCrawler Downloads

You can currently download the GSiteCrawler for free!

The following files are available for download (all installations are in English and German - the links are opened in a new window / tab):

Full installation


  • Update alone, 12/28/2007
    Please check the beta-update for a newer version!

The available beta-versions have passed minimal internal tests. As soon as we have enough feedback from our users we will turn the beta-version into the normal update.

We list all changes (for the beta-version and the normal version) in our change-log.

Please do not link to the download files - the link will change depending on which version is currently available. Thanks!

Which files do I need?

If you are installing this program for the first time, you will need the full installation plus any applicable update, should it be newer than the full installation.

If you already have the GSiteCrawler installed, you'll only need to install the update. If you want to use the cutting-edge, newest version, you can use the beta-version. The program checks for updates on start and will inform you of matching updates. If you have the beta-version intsalled, it will also inform you of all new beta-version updates.

If you have a large website the MSDE / SQL-Server version might be for you. You'll need a normal full installation plus the update for the SQL-version. This version installs as a separate executable file (GSiteCrawler2.exe) and requires some work before you can use it. I recommend starting with the default version and possibly upgrading to the SQL-version if size is an issue.

Why do the installations expire?

Since new versions contain all sorts of fixes (and of course new functions) I prefer to have as many of the users as possible working with them. The expiration dates are usually well within the usual update-cycle.

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