Translation information for the GSiteCrawler

Existing translations

The following translation files are currently available. Just download the file you want (you'll likely need to right-click and use "save as" or "save target as") and place it in your main program folder, you can then adjust your language in the "general options" menu. I add most of them to the main installer, so you'll probably have a few of these already.

  • Dutch/Nederlands - updated 3 Dec 2006 by SEO-service - (thanks!)
  • English - base file for all translations, included with the program.
  • French - updated 21 Dec 2006 by St├ęphane Brun - (thanks, St├ęphane!)
  • German - updated with all program versions with the installer
  • Italian - updated 14 Dec 2006 by Luca Leandrin - (thanks!)
  • Romanian - updated 28 Sep 2006 by Erol (thanks!) Requires Romanian character set
  • Russian - updated 23 Sep 2005 by Andrei - - (thanks!) Requires Russian character set
  • Spanish - updated 23 Jul 2006 by Luis Navarrete (thanks, Luis!)
  • Turkish - updated 23 Nov 2006 by "upayi" (thanks!)

How to create or edit a translation file

In order to create a new translation file for the GSiteCrawler, just copy one of the existing ones and start translating :-). The file name must be "stringsXX.ini" where "XX" is a short code for the language (perhaps the ISO code, but whatever you prefer). The file is a simple text file that can be edited in any editor.

The file must contain a short block with "[General]" on top with the full name of the language, eg:


All translations are in the [Strings] section. You need to make sure that you keep the numbering in place. Some texts use placeholders; I use simple text replacements for "%1%" to "%9%" to keep track of them. Please remember to keep them in place.

Feel free to send me your translations! I will add them to the installer to distribute with the program and put them online here. Thanks!

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