Collected clippings about the GSiteCrawler Google Sitemap Generator

Here are some sites writing about the GSiteCrawler. Please note that I will not link to all sites that link to this website. These are special sites that might be interesting to look at.

Not a website - but from a site that I like:
hi from Google Switzerland
Hello John, Greetings from Google's European development hub here in Zurich. We came across your site, and your Windows client for Sitemaps is quite cool and very Googley.

A japanese (?) page with a tutorial about the GSiteCrawler. I actually have no clue as to what is written here, I found it on accident. If you know more, please let me know :-).

DNN-Creative MP3 Interview with John Mueller (
My first Skype-Interview. All information still seems valid. There's also a forum thread on the subject here.

A video about the GSiteCrawler
By Brad Callen (SEO-Elite) It's the older version of the program, but it covers the whole process.

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