How to install the MSDE database engine for the GSiteCrawler

The Microsoft Access database engine as used in the GSiteCrawler has a limit on the maximum database size of 1 GB. This is usually enough for most sites, but sometimes it is not enough. The Microsoft MSDE database engine has a limit of 2 GB and is generally more efficient with database accesses. The GSiteCrawler SQL-version can use a MSDE database.

In order to use the GSiteCrawler SQL-Version with MSDE, the MSDE database first needs to be installed. For this, two Microsoft installation files are required:

  • MDAC v2.8 or newer (Microsoft Data Access Components, included in Windows XP SP2 but required for older Windows versions)
  • The MSDE engine (Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Desktop Engine)

If you need the MDAC installation, you should install that first. It is a simple installer and usually requires a reboot afterwards.

When you first doubleclick the MSDE installer, it will extract the actual setup package. You need to place this package in a folder which you can easily reach through a command window, eg. "c:\". Now open a command window, and go to that folder. Enter the command setup SAPWD="AStrongPassword" (of course use a password of your own). The password is the system administrators password for the local database engine, you will generally not need it since you usually access the database through your local login. After the installation is complete, you will need to restart your computer again. You should then see a symbol in the task bar with a green triangle, showing that the SQL server is running.

Congratulations! The local SQL server is now installed, you can now proceed with the GSiteCrawler SQL-setup.

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