information about statistics and verification in Google Sitemaps

Some questions and answers about statistics and verification in the Google Sitemaps program.

Can I delete my verification file after I verified my site?

Google verifies the existance of the verification file / meta-tag periodically. If you remove it, you will need to re-verify yourself for that website within the Google Sitemaps system. This allows Google to verify that you are really the current owner of the website (eg after selling a domain name / website).

Can other people see my statistics?

Only those who have verified ownership of the website may look at the statistics. Keep in mind that the contents of the statistics can be more or less deduced by someone who understands search engines.

Do I need a Google Sitemap to see my statistics?

A Google Sitemap file is not required to see statistics. You only need to sign up to Google Sitemaps and add your website. After sucessfully verifying ownership of your website, you have full access to the statistics. The statistics within Google Sitemaps are not meant to replace normal webserver statistics.

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