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Please note that we cannot give telephone support for this product. I currently receive a lot of emails asking for support on problems with specific sites for the GSiteCrawler - too many to reply to. If you need support for a problem that you are having, please post in the community on Google Groups for the GSiteCrawler. If your email is a generic question about the GSiteCrawler it is likely that I will either refer you to the Group or put it on the back-burner to reply "sometime later". I'm sorry if this sounds harsh, but I do not have the resources to do one-on-one support for generic issues. That said, I do try to answer most emails, but sometimes it just takes a while :-) -- if you need a reply, your best bet for a quick response is the Group.

We do not respond to link-exchange requests.

Please feel free to use Google Adwords / Adsense site-targeting to target advertising on our site. There are currently no other forms of advertising available on this website.

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