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Feedback und Glückwünsche von den Benutzern bestätigen, dass es eine gute Entscheidung war, dieses Programm zu erstellen und weiterzuentwickeln. Danke!

Ich freue mich natürlich auch über Feedback von Ihnen - ob gut oder schlecht, Ideen, Wünsche, Fragen oder einfach nur Lob.

Hier sind einige der unaufgeforderten Kommentare der Benutzer:

I've tried lots of online, and downloaded, generators for google sitemap files and hadn't found anything very good until ....... I found GSiteCrawler! GSiteCrawler beats all other generators, hands down! There isn't a paid for generator anything like as good as GSiteCrawler. It's the best! I'm so pleased with it after 2 days that I've made my donation. Thank you for a superb program.
-- Malcolm (8/5/2007)

Congratulations on a truely excellent product and for giving it away for free.
-- Charles@Charles (7/23/2007)

1A Super Software!
-- Olaf (7/14/2007)

Herzliche Gratulation zum GSiteCrawler. Nach längerem Suchen habe ich das Programm gefunden. Es ist super. Alles funktioniert. Ich habe keine Fragen. Ich habe Dir per PayPal zum Dank US$ 50.-- bezahlt.
-- Marcel (6/26/2007)

I downloaded your amazing program this weekend after trying ALL KINDS of Google Sitemap software- web based, and Google's Python software on my server. Finally discovering via web search your program was just amazing- what a really great piece of software.
-- John (5/15/2007)

Love your program as it makes it really easy to make a sitemap and the automation is great!
-- Ryan (5/14/2007)

Greetings from Google's European development hub here in Zurich. We came across your site, and your Windows client for Sitemaps is quite cool and very Googley.
-- (8/14/2006)

Well...first of all A very big thank you for this website and the softwre you've devolped. I can say a lot about it.. but in few words.. This is it, when it comes to a sitemap. thanks again.
-- Taher (8/2/2006)

Just wanted to say thanks for an awesome piece of software. It's something I've been using for some time (after making my way through many many less effective solutions)
I didn't connect you to it when reading your name on the Forum - but now I have just wanted to let yu know that I think its fantastic.

-- Dylan (6/28/2006)

a huge thanks to John at SoftPlus. GSiteCrawler really is the dogs danglies, and a million miles ahead of the other sitemap generators I tried.
-- PaulM (6/1/2006)

Thank you SO much for your SOFTplus GSiteCrawler Google Sitemap generator. I found it very helpful!
-- Phil (3/6/2006)

Great job on your program! I spent days trying to get my sitemap created, and it took minutes with your program!
-- Mark (2/8/2006)

Great job John! A warm "Thank you!" for creating this software and making it available to everyone. I just love working with it! [...] John, I think I can speak for many thousands of people who don't write when I say "Thank you!" again. Keep up the good work because you make and have made a lot of lives easier.
-- Athens (2/6/2006)

Just wanted to say thanks for a wonderful mapping tool. Works great and makes thing a lot simpler compared to Google’s site map generator.
-- Shannon (1/29/2006)

Your site crawler is great!
-- Peter (1/16/2006)

You have quite a product, Johannes. It works incredibly well. Thanks for a terrific program.
-- Bill (1/9/2006)

Fantastic utility! Just discovered, works perfect. I had some troubles with other programs (on a dynamic site with >35000 pages). Danggschön vielmols!
-- lapunt (1/7/2006)

Fantastic Software!!! I love the new beta. It has some nice additions and is by far the best .xml site crawling software I have used.
-- Matt (12/30/2005)

This is a very useful tool! Congratulations and thanks for sharing it with the community.
-- Chris (12/28/2005)

I love your program, I can't believe how excited I became after playing with it for a day alone. I am pretty amazed at how thorough the tool is!
-- Colin (12/22/2005)

John! you have a great program. I may not be able to use all the features, but it does a great job for me. Thanks!
-- Yogi (12/22/2005)

I downloaded your Softplus GSiteCrawler V1.02 rev. 240 and it was extremely easy to use. Thank you for creating such a wonderful program.
-- Mary (11/25/2005)

I'm finalizing my sitemap now (playing with it a little more to get it right). If not for your tool I don't think I'd be able to do it at all. (...) Thanks a ton for everything Johannes! I'm already recommending your software to several fellow web masters and business associates.
-- Darren (11/24/2005)

Looked at about 30 different programs, and yours was by far the best!
-- Dom (11/24/2005)

Great Program!! I'm new to SEO and site map submission but with a little tinkering and noseing around I personally found the program very easy to use.
-- Adrian (11/16/2005)

THANK YOU!!!! You've been doing an OUTSTANDING job with this software, and I couldn't be happier with it! Best wishes for your continued success!
-- Abe (11/10/2005)

thanks for creating such a great program for generating Google sitemaps !!
-- Rainer (11/5/2005)

Your programme makes things easy. I am a true novice but am learning much through this programme. Thank you!
-- Ian (11/4/2005)

GsiteCrawler is definitely the best client side crawler I have seen.
-- K. Goldhammer (10/26/2005)

THANK YOU!!! for a great product.
-- Fitzgibbon, C. (10/25/2005)

Thanks for your work. I really appreciate GSite Crawler and it makes my life much easier!
-- Symes, D. (10/23/2005)

I love your program it makes my life easier. Keep up the good work.
-- Hare, W. (10/22/2005)

I absolutely love your GSiteCrawler application.
-- Workman (10/22/2005)

I downloaded your program and it has been very helpful.
-- G. Lenglet (10/20/2005)

Thanks for the great software
-- Berenschot, G. (10/19/2005)

Johannes - this is an awesome program. It is indispensible - thank you so much! I LOVE IT!!
-- Charles (10/19/2005)

Wow, great program. Thanks so much for releasing it to the public. I found all of this last night, downloaded it, let it crawl when I slept and woke up this morning to a google sitemap! Sweet!
-- Darin (10/19/2005)

Good Work - Thank you, excellent program!
-- O. Lepki (10/9/2005)

I had just given up hope of ever utililizing Google's sitemap program when I saw someone talking about you fantastic GSiteCrawler. I downloaded it and it worked to perfection. I can't thank you enough. I [...] will absolutely recommend you to all my webmaster friends.
-- Raven, B. (10/3/2005)

Habe im Netz (Google) nach einem sitemap tool gesucht und bin irgendwann auf den GSiteCrawler gestossen. Ist übrigens aus meiner Sicht das einzig brauchbare Tool, das ich gefunden habe. Kompliment!
-- Andreas (10/3/2005)

Thank you for your great tool! I have just used it for and it worked great.
-- Andreas (9/30/2005)

I had been trying to find a way to automate the creation of a Google Sitemap for my site, then I found your GSiteCrawler tool. It worked better than everything else I found out there! Great work!
-- Mike (9/27/2005)

Thank you very much for your excellent software! GSiteCrawler is a "must have" tools for any web master.
-- Roman (9/16/2005)

Thank you. I must congratulate you on this wonderful program that helps those of us that are not quite computer programmers.
-- Steve (9/13/2005)

Just to say thank you for the update - it's really cool. Love the new icon, and the wizard made it really easy.
-- Emma (9/9/2005)

Thanks! I DO LOVE the program. I just recently discovered your program and REALLY like the interface and design.
-- Chris (8/21/2005)

I stumbled across Google Sitemaps last night. I submitted my first sitemap created with your tool this morning. Before using a sitemap, my site didn't appear at all. Now, some 20 minutes later, the ENTIRE SITE is listed in Google!
I'm in the process of creating maps for the rest of my sites as I write this.
The ease-of-use of your program will enable us to better serve our advertisers and member organizations.
Thanks again for your great work!

-- R. Moses (8/20/2005)

I downloaded GSiteCrawler last night. Before that, I just had a text file for my sitemap because that's the only thing I knew how to do. My pages never went into Google's search results with that, so I thought that I should try something different. I used the wizard that came with GSiteCrawler. It was so easy to use and it picked up all my pages! Thank you so much for creating such an awesome program! You did such a good job! Now all I have left to do is pray that Google puts all my pages into their results!
-- Jean (8/18/2005)

GSiteCrawler jest dla nas jednym z wazniejszych narzedzi wspomagajacych wyszukiwarke google.
-- T. Pajak (8/18/2005)

my compliments for your program. It is the best google sitemap tool I have tested so far!
-- Tim (8/17/2005)

This product is awesome. The best one I have seen yet.
-- S. Cornell (8/4/2005)

This is a super tool, not only for creating a sitemap, but also for checking links on the site. It immediately shows up areas of the site where links are missing, errors in my links, where I've put in links to pages that I don't want to link to etc. A great tool!
-- Don (6/30/2005)

Very nice tool, very effective, the functionnalities i wanted, useful help on your site, and no bug, as far as i use it...thank you very much, nice work !!
-- Mathieu (6/28/2005)

Came across your Goolge Sitemap tool GSiteCrawler which is very good. I just used it and it work great. I generated the XML sitemap for me with very little learning curve.
-- Fitz (6/25/2005)

thanks for creating such a neat handly little program - the google site map generator.
-- John (6/24/2005)

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