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"Yes, I am angry."   "Do nothing rash," said he.   Of course I asked him why.  

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"For what, may I ask?" said I.
"Several times."
Out came his big brown note-book.
"I think so, too, dear."
"You know that I would, Austin."
"Dozens!" he cried exultantly. "Crime by suggestion-"
"Well, for mesmerism, for example."
"I have abandoned them."
"And what does your own body do?"
"Do you mean-" I cried.
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Test of GSiteCrawler Date-Tests

What is this site for?

This site is not meant to contain real content but rather as a test for parsing of date meta-tags for sitemap-generators, specifically the SOFTplus GSiteCrawler. All pages contain different sorts of date meta tags. The date (in UTC, i.e. you might have an offset depending on your local time zone) which should be used is mentioned in the title-tag of each page in the format ISO 8601 (yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss+00:00, e.g. "2005-07-27T08:30:00+00:00" for 8:30AM on July 27th, 2005, in UTC/GMT or "2005-07-27" for a generic date without time.).

Where does this content come from?

The content is loosely based on the book "The Parasite", by Arthur Conan Doyle.

The contents were first copyrighted over 100 years ago but Doyle died in 1930, which puts his works in the questionable period of whether this work, which was already in Public Domain works from the "life plus 50 years copyright" is now out of circulation for those countries moving to the "life plus 70 copyrights."

Copyright laws are changing all over the world, please only read the original text online if you are allowed to. As the content is loosely based on the original work, I consider it a work of art on it's own and will claim copyright to this work, if possible in your local area.

"Yes, I am angry."

I can only find out the limits of this hellish power by my own bitter experience. At present they merely embrace the physical signs which go with slight, with complete, and with extreme insensibility. I really believe that I have conquered the creature. It was perfectly evident that she knew nothing whatever about the matter, and I reflected that, after all, perhaps it was better that I should not enlighten her. There is no depth of buffoonery and imbecility to which she has not forced me. They would set me down as a madman. Besides, I must remember that I am Professor Gilroy. I feel cleaner and lighter for the thought. An old professor may afford to be natural, but when fortune has given one of the first chairs in the university to a man of four-and-thirty he must try and act the part consistently. Two courses lie before me.

"Do nothing rash," said he.

I do not know whether I am glad or sorry. I met Agatha and her mother at the station at eleven o'clock. Yes, perhaps there was, and very near me, too. He was struck by my story. My soul was filled with a hatred as bestial as the love against which it was a reaction. Wilson was present during most of the time, which prevented the embarrassment which one at least of us must have felt. And then she knew about Agatha. My own most intimate friends would only look upon it as a sign of brain derangement. Perhaps the creature realized what I had done, and understood that it was useless to try to influence me. I found it all crusted with paint, and I have cleaned it. Last night, however, there was an attempt made to break-into the branch of the Bank of England, and we are all in a flutter in consequence. Mesmerized by Miss P. But I am immensely impressed. It was all quite familiar to me, and yet I stared about for a moment in a half- dazed way until my eyes fell upon a cabinet photograph of myself upon the top of the piano. Let me consider what I had better do.

Of course I asked him why.

The wet earth smells fruitful and luscious. "Why, what is the matter with you, Austin?" she asked, holding my arm as I staggered up from the chair. I cannot marry Agatha so long as I know that I am not responsible for my own actions. It is many a long year since I shed tears, but all my nerve was gone, and I could but sob and sob in impotent grief and anger. It is clear that I must reconsider my opinion upon this matter. How I should have loathed myself to-day had I yielded to the temptation of that moment! Her mouth had weakened. Strange what a silent, colorless creature she is save only when she exercises her power! I am in her clutch.