"Well, for mesmerism, for example."

"And you won't have it any more?"   "Oh, I should love it!" cried Agatha.   "You have not been out to-day?"   "But not with me?"  

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"Well, for mesmerism, for example."

"And you won't have it any more?"

I grudge even those few months. April 6 (evening). What have I done to deserve such love? How petty do such researches seem when compared with this one which strikes at the very roots of life and the nature of the soul! And this is also what she meant, no doubt, when she said that I had not realized yet the power she has over me. Once I remember that she passed her hand over my hair as one caresses a dog; and it gave me pleasure-the caress. I clung to the wood-work. I went to Sadler and found him, to my surprise, in bed. As far as I can gather (by hints and inferences rather than by any statement), his own experience was limited to some words or looks such as I have myself endured. I will go to him. But, then, what am I to do in the morning? Let her have a care! But I had regained my soul. If she can, it will make an excellent starting-point for our investigation.

"Oh, I should love it!" cried Agatha.

Well, well, I must take the same precautions to-night and see what comes of it. I trust that I hid it, but I felt as a child feels in the dark. It is absurd to suppose that it is merely weakness and force of habit. I see quite a vista of interesting experiments extending before us, and am all impatience to begin upon them. Two of the lower windows have marks as if a chisel or some such instrument had been pushed under them to force them open. "Well, but is there no danger to your own health?" I asked. He could hardly expect me to be satisfied with that, and I tried hard to get something more definite out of him, but without success. No paper would discuss my case. She stooped and whispered earnestly into her subject's ear. I could have sworn that I slept soundly in my bed without so much as a dream. "She is capable of it. But is it possible that she has really reduced you to this? What do you intend to do?" First of all I shall set down exactly what occurred. For me hypnotic suggestion was finally established.

"You have not been out to-day?"

I had always looked upon spirit as a product of matter. May God grant it! After all, there is no reason to despair. Green shoots are peeping out everywhere. I was not conscious of any change during my lecture this morning save that for a minute or two I had a dizziness and swimminess which rapidly passed away. And, besides the determination to get out, there came to me, also, the keenest and coolest judgment in choosing my means.

"But not with me?"

Still, as Mrs. I MUST, or what is to become of me?